Resources and software for flight school and aeroclubs

Aeronautical cartography and GPS tracking

  • Thanks to MyWakes you can easily integrate flight school management with GPS tracking. Automate repetitive tasks, speed up work and reduce errors.

    MyWakes GPS tracking platform, integrates Avioportolano aeronautical cartography since a long time. You can overlay every chart as a layer both on the radar and on the map that displays the flights.

    Our flight schools software solution also comes with the list of the airports and airfields provided directly by Avioportolano.

    MyWakes is the ideal support for analyzing graphs and traces during pre-flight and post-flight briefings.
  • Your flight school web site for free.

    Receiving constant communications from the onboard systems it will be possible to follow the flights in real time from the ground, directly from your flight school web site.
    You can also quickly find out the students' flights and view the routes with every detail, speed charts, altitude and dozens of other information to reconstruct every aspect of the pilot's experience.

    Are you a flying school?
    MyWakes gives you all the code to create a web site like this that shows your Students’ and Pilots’ flights for free.

    Get your best GPS tracker for the flight right now!

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